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Shamin Zahabioun is an interdisciplinary visual artist, living in Vancouver, Canada. She was born in Iran originally; and moved to Canada in 2009 along with her family.

She started drawing with Shahrzad Amiri while attending Azadegan Art High School in Iran (2005-2007). She then explored drawing approaches and methodologies with Saeid Ravanbakhsh and Javid Ramezani in Tehran (2007-2009); and continued on her path under the mentorship of Merrell Gerber and Maria Anna Parolin arriving in Vancouver, Canada (2010-2012). In addition, Shamin worked with and learned from Mark Igloliorte, Celia King, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Magnolia Pauker, Randy Lee Cutler, and Patrick Anderson, while completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, at Emily Carr University of art & design (2012-2017).

Shamin has been exhibiting her work in various exhibitions, in several cities. Not only has she been published, but also she has been interviewed for her shows and artworks; that draw attention to what she believes is valuable to be seen.

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