I am an Iranian- Canadian Vancouver-Based Interdisciplinary Visual Artist; working with Drawing, Painting, Illustration and New Genres.

Focusing on sustainable processes of art-making, my practice oscillates between Classical and Contemprory approaches. I imply my messages through an aesthetic that is shaped from twenty years of growing up with Persian culture; that is, being exposed to the methodologies and strategies of Persian Illustrators.  In addition, my academic studies have empowered me to bring in an unique sense of performativity to my works; that is inspired by more than five years of  experimental creation.

I started core drawing with Shahrzad Amiri while attending Azadegan Art High School in Iran (2005-2007). Then I developed drawing approaches and methodologies with Saeid Ravanbakhsh and Javid Ramezani in Tehran (2007-2009); and followed my path under the mentorship of Merrell Gerber and Maria Anna Parolin arriving in Vancouver, Canada (2010-2012). I have also worked with and learned from Mark Igloliorte, Celia King, Elizabeth Mackenzie, Magnolia Pauker, Randy Lee Cutler, and Patrick Anderson, while completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts, at Emily Carr University of art & design (2012-2017).

I have been exhibiting my work in various exhibitions in several cities, published, and been interviewed for my shows and artworks. Click on the link below for more details.


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