Shamin Zahabioun is an Iranian- Canadian Vancouver-Based Interdisciplinary Visual Artist; working with Drawing, Painting, Illustration and New Genres. At the age of 15, Shamin was known for mastering realistic drawing; followed by being interviewed by the Khane Honarmandan of Iran in 2015. Later on, her use of lines and forms directed her to establish her own unique style of seeing the world. That is, capturing a perspective of figurative spaces, she created a united relationship between figures with their atmosphere. So far she has worked on subjects of healing, freedom of expression, femininity, migration, sustainability, and self-exploration. One of Shamin’s drawings of her sister was published on the first page of ECUAD’s annual calendar of 2017-18 in Vancouver, Canada. Later on she was interviewed by Hamyaari, the largest Iranian media of North America. Shamin has been exhibited in various shows in several cities, and has worked with many artists. Click on the link below for more details.

Interviews and Exhibitions 


Artist’s Statement – 2018


Shamin’s Story


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