A New Beginning



“A New Beginning” came out of the process of searching for a single face, or an avatar, that somehow could represent the core of human being. Regardless of gender, race, class and other discriminations that surround us daily; we are all connected through humanity. I have been witnessing how drawing reflects the true face of an artist, through the lines, forms and even the spaces that are left empty. So as an artist, I seek to find a face that could be an identity to all human beings… . I have been looking for both, the subject and the object, in drawing the faces. Through mixing subjective and objective approaches in portrait drawing, I could gain a better understanding about the vision with which I was working. I always knew gesture drawing is the way to approach it, but never had the opportunity to think about it clearly. After one month of drawing daily, I reached the abstraction of a face, that can be everything, and nothing… . In addition, I can say in making this piece as a “self-portrait” I experienced an overlap of my past, present and future. The way that my search for “the subject” and my inner feeling of creating “the object” aligned together, was a wonderful process to me. It was a syncronicity between my past-self, when I searched for a universal face that could represent all humanity, with my future-self to be able to see human face as one whole unity… .”

Oil on Canvas, 22x 36 inches, 2017



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