Book- Media Projects:


I had the pleasure to illustrate for “Faraj”, a novel written by Kira Van Deusen. 2015- 2016



My Free Will:


Performance- art/ book- media sculpture. I made this book by capturing one month of my choice of clothes, which came together as one set of horizontal order. The installation of the book, which makes it displayed as a sculpture, conveys its message of the feminist- anarchist character inside it. 2015- 2016




The Invisible:

I made this book as a return to my favorite city in Iran, Isfahan. It is inspired by one of the most famous bridges in Isfahan called “33 Bridges” (Siosepol). The book contains 33 pages as well to represent 33 arches of it, each collaged with an image, as an day-dreaming event. 2016



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