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“Through the movement of our bodies, rotating around the same center, we performed our art in harmony. The challenge was to keep our balance; While having our hair braided together, as an extension to nature’s form of trees, we  had to keep our movement in coordination to one another, drawing & playing the Persian instrument ‘Setar'”.

                            Credits to Khorshid (Sunshine) Moradi & Shamin Zahabioun, Trout Lake, August 2017



“Through five hours of the event, I started painting four canvas’ together, as others could draw on the larger role of papers at the same time. So the whole art took place and shaped toward a wholeness of all participants. My action and theirs at the same time all together as one”.

Vines Art Festival-1


Trout Lake, August 2015


Festival Events









Sea Anemone, Molded Cement, 2012


Crafted Gift, Paper and Stick, 2011


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